Some words

Some words

Some words

Some words

Words that have the prefix "Some" are known as some words. We use the word "some" when we don't know the specific number or amount of something.

Some words are used to refer to an indefinite quantity. There comes another word, "any," which is used for negatives and questions. We cannot use some words in a negative or interrogative sentence. 

Some words can only be used in the interrogative sentence when we know that the answer will be definite. Many words have the prefix some. We will go through a few of them which are used in our daily life. 

Someone/ somebody:

  1. Someone means an unknown or unspecified person. We usually use someone in sentences when we don't want to refer to some specific person. But keep in mind that someone is only used for a person(people).


  •  George sent someone to see Elsa.
  1. Someone and somebody is interchangeable. Both have the same meanings and refer to an unknown person in general, whether male or female. 


  •  This won't work for long, somebody has to do something about it. 
  1. We need to be careful in some cases. We don't use someone/somebody as part of an object in negative sentences. Instead, we use anyone/anybody. 


  • I don't like someone who snores. (wrong)
  • I don't want anyone who snores next to me. (right)
  1. You can use someone/ somebody in questions when you expect a definite answer. 


  • Did you meet someone at that party? (yes). 
  1. One cannot use someone in In front of a plural noun. Instead, you can only use one. 


  • someone from my family members is a singer. (wrong)
  • One of my siblings is a singer. (right)
  1. If you want to refer to a group of people, you have to use some people because someone and somebody doesn't have plural forms


  • some people didn't like my art at the art exhibition.



  1.  We use ‘somewhere’ in a different context. We can use ‘somewhere’ for an unspecified place. ‘Somewhere’ can be used for approximation of anything. We can also use it when we are giving some rough idea of anything.


  • she livers somewhere near Lahore.
  • My result was somewhere between 50 and 60 marks out of 100.
  • She will be home somewhere between 8 and 9 o'clock.
  1.  We usually don't use ‘somewhere’ in negative sentences. Instead, we can use ‘anywhere.’


  • I can't find my manual somewhere. (wrong)
  • I can't find my manual anywhere. (right)
  1. You can use ‘somewhere’ in interrogative sentences if you expect a definite answer as yes.

Example: If you think I am going to a party somewhere, you can ask:

  • Are you going to a party somewhere?

If you are unsure whether I am going to a party or not, you cannot use 'somewhere,' then you have to use 'anywhere.'

  1. ‘Somewhere’ and ‘someplace’ are interchangeable. Usually, Americans use ‘someplace’ instead of somewhere.


  • Why don't you people go someplace else for a part?


  1. 'Somewhat' means, to some degree or some extent.
  2. We use 'somewhat' in affirmative sentences only.
  3. It is used as a noun, pronoun, adjective, or adverb in the sentence.


  • Ali is somewhat smarter than Sara.
  • She was somewhat surprised.
  • I felt somewhat relieved after telling him the truth.
  • Whatever she said was somewhat contradictory.


We use ‘someday’ and ‘sometime’ in sentences when we refer to an indefinite time in the future. The only difference between these words is that ‘someday’ refers to an unspecified time in the distant future and ‘sometimes’ refers to an uncertain time in the near future.

Example :

  • We will get there someday.
  • Someday, you will get to know I was not fake.
  • You will succeed someday.
  • Come sometime to my home.
  • I will be there sometime later today.
  • Sometime in the next hour, a vast spaceship will land on earth.

Somehow / someway:

Somehow means in an unspecified way or manner. We use ‘somehow’ in our sentences when we don’t want to specify the way, or it isn’t necessary. ‘Somehow’ can be used in two contexts.

  1. For some reason

Somehow I didn’t like his nature.

  1. By some means

I will manage to do it somehow.

‘Somehow’ shows the work can be done in one or way other, but it will be done. It is often used when the way is not known or isn’t apparent. ‘Someway’ and ‘somehow’ are interchangeable. You can use ‘someway’ instead of ‘somehow’ if it suits the sentence well. You can use ‘somehow’ when the way is understood.


  • I will attend the event somehow.
  • Somehow, I knew you would be there.
  • Somehow, I knew she was faking his death.
  • You have to fix it somehow.
  • I somehow understand your problem.

Practice exercise:

Choose the correct option:

  1. She will send _____ at once to collect all of the parcels.
  2. Someone 
  3. Somebody 
  4. Sometime 
  5. a and b


  1. The road we chose for Lahore was ____ longer than the old one.
  2. Someway 
  3. Somewhat 
  4. Somehow
  5. Sometime


  1.  I will complete both assignments in afternoon______.
  2. Sometime 
  3. Somewhere 
  4. Someway
  5. Somewhat


  1. Are you going ____ this weekend?
  2. Someway 
  3. Sometime 
  4. Somewhat 
  5. Somewhere


  1. _____, when I will be successful, I will take you to Paris.
  2. Someday 
  3. Someway 
  4. Sometime 
  5. Someone
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