Abstract of way bill


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Word of the Day

English Word cajolery
Meaning Delusive speech.
Synonyms Adulation,Baloney,Blandishment,Coaxing,Compliments,Exaggeration,Eyewash,Fawning,Honey,Incense,Ingratiation,Inveiglement,Oil,Wheedling,Sweet Talk,Soft Words,Overpraise,Soft Soap,A Line,
Antonyms Blame,Censure,Complaint,Condemnation,Criticism,Denunciation,Disapproval,Disfavor,Dislike,Disregard,Disrespect,Ignorance,Insult,Libel,Neglect,Opposition,Refusal,Silence,Slander,Veto,
Urdu Meaning دغا