Meaning of acridity in English

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abaca accident abuse accountant accustomed acrophobia achieve actress achievement actually acoustics adaptable additive acquaintance adequate Advertisement Adhesive advisable adjustable administration aerodrome admirable aerosol afford adventurous aggressive agony allegiance agriculture airport aisle alligator allocate alloy almond aloud adverb alphabet altercation Ambition ambivalent altitude altogether amendments amnesia ambassador amphibian amphitheatre Amplify anniversary announcement analyse annoy ancestor anchor ancient antibiotic anticipate appalling anticipation appearance appendix appetite applause appoint aphid appreciate apostrophe apprentice architect apprenticeship argument approve array apron artichoke aptitude articulate aquatic assault asthma astonish assignment astronaut assist asylum associate attic assortment attractive assurance authenticate author authoritative authority autograph autumn babble ballet bachelor balsa badge barbecue baggy bargain balance barite balcony barley bald barnacle ballerina barracks barrister beggar baryon beguile basil behave beige battle belated battlements believable bedraggled bench beneath beverage biased beside bicentenary besiege biceps besotted bestow billboard bizarre billion binoculars blacksmith blade birdseed bland biscuit blandishment bisect blanket bison blazer bitter boomerang bleed blizzard blossom boulder boulevard boundary boast boutique brainwash brawl broccoli breeze brochure bridesmaid bronze bridge brought briefcase brow brighten bruise brilliant Buddhism bungalow Buddhist buoy budget buffet burial building burst bulletin busy bumblebee Byroad butterflynoun cabbage calf calligraphy cactus calcite calm calcium calculate camel caldera camouflage capsule canvas capacity

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