Administration of justice


Meaning of Administration of justice in English

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Word of the Day

English Word indignant
Meaning Having such anger and scorn as is aroused by meanness or wickedness.
Synonyms Acrimonious,Annoyed,Boiling,Bugged,Disgruntled,Displeased,Exasperated,Fuming,Furious,Heated,Huffy,Incensed,Irate,Livid,Mad,Miffed,Peeved,Piqued,Resentful,Riled,Scornful,Upset,Wrathful,Burned Up,Provoked,Up In Arms,Bent Out Of Shape,In A Huff,Seeing Red,
Antonyms Calm,Cheerful,Gleeful,Happy,Peaceful,Pleased,
Urdu Meaning خفا