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aerial aerodrome aerosol archaeology Reggae aerial aeronaut aeronautics aerostat aerostatics archaeology brae Aesthetic ability Acaridae aceae Achaean Achaean league Achaemenid Achaenocarp Achaetous Acroaesthesia Actaeon Adscriptus glebae Aecidium Aedes Aedicula/Aedicule Aedicula Aedicule Aedile Aedileship Aedilitian Aedility Aegean vase Aeger Aegilops Aegirite Aegis Aegle Aegophony Aegrotat Aeipathy Aenach Aeneid Aeneous Aenigmatite Aeolian Aeolian deposits Aeolian harp Aeolian mode Aeolic Aeolipile/pyle Aeolipile Aeolist Aeolo Aeolotropy Aeon/Eon Aeon Aeonial/Aeonian Aeonial Aeonian Aequoreal Aequilibriam indifferentiae Aerarian Aerarium Aerate Aerated water Aeration Aerator Aerial bombardment Aerial convention Aerial navigation Aerial observation Aerial perspective Aerial photography Aerial railways Aerial spirits Aerial survey Aerial velocity Aerial warfare Aerial wire Aerially Aeriality Aeriferous Aeriform Aerify Aero- Aero-anaerobic Aerobatics Aerobe Aerobes facullative Aerobes obligate Aerobic bacteria Aerobioscope aerobiosis Aerobiotic Aerocamera Aerocele Aerocraft Aerodontalgia Aerodromics Aerodynamics Aeroembolism Aerogenesis Aerogram Aerography Aerohydropathy Aerohydrous Aeroinsurance Aeroionisation Aerolite Aerolith Aerology Aeromancy Aerometer Aerometry Aeronautical Aeronautism Aeroneurosis Aeropause Aerophagia Aerophane Aerophile Aerophobia/Aerophoby Aerophobia Aerophoby Aerophore Aerophyte Aeroplane Aeroscepsy/Aeroscepsis Aeroscepsy Aeroscepsis Aeroscope Aerosiderite Aerosiderolite Aerosphere Aerostatic Aerostation Aerotaxis Aerotherapeutics Aerothermotherapy Aeruginous Aerugo Aery Aeschynanthus Aeschynite Aesculapian Aesculapius Aesculetin Aesculin Aesir Aesopian Aesthesics Aesthesiometer Aesthesiogenic Aesthesiometry Aesthesis Aesthesodic Aesthete Aesthetic Aesthetic activities Aesthetic enjoyment Aesthetic experience Aesthetic intuitionism Aesthetic judgment Aesthetic morality Aesthetic self-expression Aesthetic sense Aesthetic sense theory Aesthetic taste Aesthetic transfer Aesthetics Psychology of aesthetics Transcendental aesthetics Aesthetical Aesthetically Aesthetician Aestheticism Aestheticist Aestheticize Aestho-physiology Aestival/Estival Aestival Aestivate Aestivation Aetheogam Aether Aethogen Aethrioscope Aetiological Aetiologically Aetiology Agathodaemon/-demon Palaeanthropic age Palaeozoic age

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English Word foppish
Meaning Characteristic of one who is unduly devoted to dress and the niceties of manners.
Synonyms Dandified,Fashionable,Natty,Vain,
Urdu Meaning خود نما