Meaning of Ag in English

used when you are reacting to something that has been said, or when you are angry or annoyed by something

  1. Ag, don't worry about it.

Similar Words

acreage aggravate aggressive agony agriculture baggy bedraggled beverage cabbage camouflage carriage courageous cottage courage dagger damage diagnose diagonal diagram discourage disadvantage disagreement eager eagle engagement exaggeration extravagant fragile garage haggard heritage hostage image imagination imaginative language luggage magneto magnificent magenta magnify maggot magician magistrate magma magnet manager manageable massage marriage meagre mismanagement octagonal packaging paragraph percentage pilgrimage plague ragged sabotage sausage savage spaghetti synagogue tragedy vague acreage agglomerate aggrandize aggravate aggravation aggregate aggress aggression aggrieve aghast agile agitate agrarian anagram antagonism archipelago assuage braggart brokerage carnage cartilage chagrin coagulate coagulant colleague conflagration contagion contagious courageous crag decagon decagram demagnetize demagogue demurrage diagnose diagnosis disagree disengage disparage divagation dragnet dragoon drainage encourage enrage exaggerate extravagance extravagant flag-officer flagrant foliage fragile fragile haggard hemorrhage heptagon heritage hexagon homage imaginable imaginary irrefragable laggard magician magisterial magistracy magnanimous magnate magnet magnetize magnificence magnificent magnitude meager menagerie mileage mirage mismanage Abandonment of voyage Agent Aggressor Abatage Absolutely magnitube Absolute magnitude Absolute advantage Absolute age Abstract language Abstractio imagination Abusage Abuse of flag Abuse of flag of True Acaci mucilage Accelerated voltage Carriage and cartage account Postage account Voyage account Wages account Accredited agent Achaean league Acid and Chemical damage policy Acid reducing agent Acierage Act of aggression Acting agent Active courage Activity cage Actual mechanical advantage Adage Adagio Adjag Adjustment mortgage Adjustment of general average Adjustment of particular average Adjustage/Ajutage Adjustage Ajutage Admission age Adult franchise sufferage Advance on a mortgage Advances against merchandise Advantage To have the advantage of To gain the advantage of To take advantage To take advantage of a person To take a person at advantage To advantage Advantage ground Advantage of location Advantageous Advantageously Advantageousness Advertisement manager Advertising agency Advertising agent Aerophagia Agorgeous affair Affixing language After-eatage After image Negative after image Positive after image Aga/Agha Aga Agha Again Time and again As much again Ever and again Now and again Half as much again Again and again Against Against all risks Agalactia Agalactous Agalaxy Agalmatolite Agama Agamete Agami Agamic Agamically Agamogenesis Agamogenetic Agamogenetically Agamogony Agamogynomonoecism Agamohermaphroditism Agamous Agamy Aganglionic Aganippe Agape Agaphite Agapornis Agar-agar Agaric Agasp Agastric Agate Agate shell Agated Agathism Agatho Agathobiotic Agathodaemon/-demon Agathodemon Agathokakological Agathology Agatiferous Agatiform Agatine Agatize Agatized Agaty Agave Agaze Age Accomplishment age Admitted age Basal age Brass age Bronze age Late Bronze age Cenozoic/Cainozoic age Cenozoic age Cainozoic age Chalcolichic age Change of age Classical age Copper age Crude stone age Dark age Epic age Gang age Glacial age Golden age Group age Heroic age Ice age Iron age Mental age Metal age Middle stone age Modern age Moon's age Moons age Neolithic age Over age Palaeanthropic age Palaeozoic age Physiologic age Pleistocene age Prehistoric age Protohistoric age School leaving age Stone age Teenage Under age Age and area theory Age-area-hypothesis Age class Age distribution Age entry Age for sufferage Age grade Age grade report Age grade survey Age limit Age norm Age of chivalry Age of consent Age of discretion Age of enlightment Age of mammals Age of maximum criminality Age of pyramids Age of reason Age of retirement Age-old Age record Age scale Aged Agedly Agedness Ageing Agelast Ageless Agelong Agen Agency Agency and branch cash book Agency charges Agency commission Agency credit journal Agency debit journal Agency ledger Agency tariff Agenda Agenda committee Agendum Agenesic Agenesis Agennesis Assembling agent Auctioneering agent Buying agent Chemical agent Clearing agent Commission agent Consular agent Delcredere agent Exporting agent Fiscal agent Forwarding agent General agent Importing agent Insurance agent Manufacturer's agent Parttime agent Political agent Purchasing agent Resident agent Sales agent Sole agent Special agent Surveying agent Transfer agent Travelling agent Universal agent Whole-time agent Agent action Agent de change Agent-general Assistant Agent General Agent noun Agent provocateur Agential Agential case Agentive nominal Agent's code NO Agent's confidential report Agent's jurisdiction Agent's ledger Agent's manual Agents of production Agentship Ager Agerasia Ageratum Ages of culture Ages of population Ageustia Agger Aggerate Aggeration Aggie Agglomerated Agglomerating Agglomerating language Agglomeration Agglomerative Agglutinant Agglutinate Agglutinated Agglutinating Agglutinating prefix Agglutinating suffix Agglutination Agglutinative Agglutinative language Aggration Aggrandizable Aggrandizement Aggrandizer Aggravated Aggravating Aggravatingly Aggravation of risk Aggravative In the aggregate Self-renewing aggregate Aggregate contractual liability Aggregate indemnity Aggregate index number Aggregate limit Aggregate mortality table Aggregate operations liability Aggregate protective liability Aggregated Aggregated shipment Aggregation Aggregative Aggregative index Aggregative model Aggregato- Aggregato Aggregator Aggressing To aussume the aggressive Aggressive mob Aggressive war Aggressively Aggressiveness Aggrievance Aggrieved Aggrievedly Aggrievedness Aggrievement Aggroup Aggrouped Aggroupment Aggry/Aggri Aggry Aggri Aghastness Agilely Agility Agio Agiotage Agiotheory of interest Agisted Agisting Agistment Agistor Agitated Agitated melancholia Agitating Agitation Agitational Agitato Agitator Agitatorial Agit prop Aglare Agleam Aglet/Agiglet Aglet Agiglet Aglet babie Agley Aglimmer Aglitter Aglossal Aglow Aglutition Agminate Agnail Agname Agnate Agnathous Agnatic Agnatic descet Agnatically Agnation Agnel Agnification Agnoetism Agnoiology Agnoites/etes Agnoites Agnoetes Agnomen Agnomination Agnosia Agnostic Agnosticism Agnosy Agnus castus Agnus Dei Ago Long ago Not long ago Agog Agoge Agoing To set agoing Agon Agonic Agonic line Agonistic Agonistical Agonistically Agonistics Agonize Agonized Agonizedly Agonizer Agonizing Agonizingly Agonothete The agony column Agora Agoraphobia Agouti/-ty Agouti Agouty Agra Agraff/fe Agraff Agraffe Agrafe Agrammaphasia Agrammatism Agranulocyte Agrapha Agraphia Agraphic Agrarian laws Agrarian socialism Agrarianism Agrarianize Agrarians Agreation Agree Agreeability Agreeable Agreeable alteration Agreeableness Agreeably Agreed Agreed amount clause Agreed to Agreed valuation Agreed weight Agreeing Agreeingly Agreeingness Agreement Coefficient of agreement Double agreement Joint method of agreement and difference Method of agreement Single agreement Agreement bond Agreement form Agreement in absence Agreement in presence Agreement of arbitration Agreement to sell Agreements Agrements Agrement Agrestal/Agrestial Agrestal Agrestial Agrestic Agricole Agricultural Agricultural credit Agricultural Credit Adviser Agricultural economics Agricultural finance Agricultural holding Agricultural industries Agricultural officer Agricultural parity Agricultural production Agricultural revolution Agricultural stage Agricultural unemployment Hoe agriculture Plough agriculture Rites of agriculture Agriculturist/Agriculturalist Agriculturist Agriculturalist Agrimony Agrin Agriologist Agriology Agriotype Agrodolce Agrom Agronomic Agronomical/Agronomial Agronomical Agronomial Agronomics Agronomist Agronomy Agrostis Agrostographic Agrostographical Agrostography Agrostologist Agrostology Agroteras thusia Aground Agrypnia Agrypnode Agrypnotic Agua Ague Ague cake Ague drop Ague shake Ague shell Ague spell Agued Aguey Aguish Aguishly Aguishness Agush Agynarious Agynary Agynic Agyrate

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alphabet Acumination Academician decagon Aesthetic Accusatival essence incapacitate humility facility Adjustable component adulterant Affronted Adorableness Abiotic pension Acclimate Canaanite thief Aesthesics Accumulation coefficient approve dissipate Adventuring Adjustable classification fortress apotheosis giddy caprice mechanical Affinities Adroitly multiform Adenoids foible enormous wrist fulminate cosmopolitanism disfavor tantalum vowel defensible fluential enormous narrate brought assonant Integrated accounts personality Abort excitation journalist password Aggregato- Adventist Relative adverb ardor infernal familiarity blanket Accentual verse disunion Sex abnormality Affectibility successful Administrative head microscope dissimilar Index of abnormality Madonna Special agent geology egoism inhume Bill-of-Exchange Annual aberration Admired Acclivitous diffusion athwart Achime hostile Aidance Addable / Addible domination foppish courser Accidentally speedometer Acaci mucilage kettle itinerant Agglutinate Aerator Accelerated electrode haul inexplicable indulgent Departmental profit and loss account Accounting expenses allegory disobedient forecastle furniture Adipoceriform inadvisable dissever collision Affecting contemptuous exhaust intercessor tick rescue Educational adjustment Social abnormality Adpressed deceitful aliment Abdominoscopy hammer hardware afresh excavate benefice Educational administration courageous Admitting criticism irrefragable micrometer violin indestructible mineral barrister divulgence Age norm Absolute magnitude generalize cathedral Attendance-Register clement Absolute temperature scale Ads Aestivate Affine Abrachiocephalous almanac encyclopedia profession Ahind magnetize To take advice Agathology Beetle difference heritage Advisement indigestible Acrobatics Aerophane Affectionate consequence Absorption edge unconcerned deciduous Advertising campaign discredit Account days ingratiate abacus cite pollination entail Adjudger Active component Festival advance Aide memoire extricate Acceptance of bill butterflynoun Acidifier Afterward saviour Afferent nerve resolution martial trapeze augment Abdominous laudatory despond polythene Acts of insurgence apostate Academicism intension elude Absinthium

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