Meaning of Agora in English

?in ancient Greece, an open space used for markets and public meetings

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Word of the Day

English Word beset
Meaning To attack on all sides.
Synonyms Aggress,Assail,Attack,Badger,Bedevil,Beleaguer,Besiege,Bug,Circle,Compass,Dog,Embarrass,Encircle,Enclose,Encompass,Entangle,Environ,Girdle,Harass,Harry,Hassle,Infest,Invade,Nag,Nudge,Overrun,Perplex,Pester,Ride,Ring,Storm,Strike,Surround,Give A Hard Time,Give A Bad Time,Pick On,Drive Up The Wall,
Antonyms Aid,Assist,Clarify,Exclude,Explain,Free,Help,Lose,Please,Release,Support,Surrender,Unloose,Let Go,Leave Alone,Clear Up,
Urdu Meaning گھیر لینا