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Perceptual ability Local acceptance kimono Abinitio differentiation birthright liquefy versatile lordling Accubation animalcule enthuse shepherd Absolute motion idealize Agathology Acheron latish Accident prevention definite foreordination acclaim intolerant deficiency icicle garrote Adsum irritate Aerophile canto Superior adult exclusion badger colossus aggravation incompetence abusive equalize Agrafe apology conceive vernacular Acaridae crusade Aclastic fiction justify liking vague bemoan Afternoon Aesthetic sense theory Abdicator misrepresent begrudge epicycloid medicine contraposition berth impiety immigrant Administrative head extort Abustle Adams ale Accessional To place or pass to account ebullient To render or send in an account safari misadventure Acid Bessemer process carouse electrotype Bellows mantel Initial accent livelihood irrigation canvas Acceptable line apparent porcupine greedy Abluent infinite mercury Cash in transit account characteristic Affaire d'amour Adulterous Admission fee carcinogen To open or close an account with one arbor zirconium delicious aeronautics Light absorption Agreeingness elephant gratitude Voyage account sandwich dead-heat animadvert After-glow political corrosive monopoly irrefrangible Adder Acquisition of nationality Adrenol Aerial wire Advanced discriminate Axe archbishop Acephalocardia Absurdly insipid appearance enkindle weevil halo Accrete Discount account Adjustment model missive To take (into) account (of) Conjunctive adverb To open or close an account with one / To render or send in an account paddock mania havoc Angular acceleration Agreed amount clause immiscible itinerant diplomatic Agrestal legislative Agreed weight Admeasure extol Adenotomy incarcerate Open access Absolute frequency humour flippant brusque Absolute index of refraction Actual cash value Adaptability intrude lawgiver close-hauled bequeath monologue inexhaustible Aequilibriam indifferentiae Absolute term audible kilometre diversion Architectural acoustics Adjunction Acceleration motion fishmonger Liquidation account Act of aggression hazardous Aferile Humans pessimist Added entry atomizer Beef inundate likely international Linguistic adult Accouchement force cacophony stupidity Above ground Acetify avow To take a person at advantage Puff or Death Adder panda Aga morose groceries horde financial ridiculous Acanthocephalous desultory

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English Word Physical ability
Urdu Meaning جسمانی قابلیت