Meaning of abominable in English

Very hateful.

Synonyms Abhorrent,Atrocious,Awful,Bad,Base,Beastly,Contemptible,Cursed,Despicable,Disgusting,Foul,Grim,Gross,Hairy,Hateful,Heinous,Hellish,Horrible,Horrid,Loathsome,Lousy,Nauseating,Obnoxious,Odious,Offensive,Repellent,Reprehensible,Repugnant,Repulsive,Revolting,Rotten,Sleazy,Stinking,Terrible,Vile,Wretched,Grody,
Antonyms Alluring,Appealing,Attractive,Delightful,Desirable,Desirous,Enjoyable,Good,Great,Honorable,Kind,Likeable,Lovable,Loveable,Nice,Pleasant,Pleasing,Respectable,Sweet,Wonderful,Worthy,

Similar Words

Abominable Snowman

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