Meaning of accurate in English

Conforming exactly to truth or to a standard.

Synonyms adil,Authentic,Careful,Close,Concrete,Correct,Definite,Deft,Detailed,Discriminating,Distinct,Exact,Explicit,Factual,Faithful,Genuine,Judicious,Just,Literal,Methodical,Meticulous,Particular,Regular,Right,Rigid,Rigorous,Scientific,Scrupulous,Severe,Sharp,Skillful,Solid,Specific,Strict,Systematic,Unerring,Proper,Punctual,Punctilious,
Antonyms Careless,Counterfeit,Doubtful,Erroneous,False,Faulty,General,Imprecise,Improper,Inaccurate,Incorrect,Indefinite,Inexact,Lax,Lenient,Misleading,Mistaken,Questionable,Uncertain,Unreal,Unreliable,Unsuitable,Untrustworthy,Untruthful,Vague,Wrong,Uncareful,

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