Meaning of acquiesce in English

To comply; submit.

Synonyms Accede,Accept,Accommodate,Adapt,Adjust,Agree,Allow,Approve,Buy,Comply,Concur,Conform,Consent,Ditto,Jibe,Okay,Pass,Reconcile,Set,Submit,Subscribe,Yes,Yield,Give In,Come Across,Cry Uncle,Play Ball,Cave In,Go Along,Come Around,Cut A Deal,Give Out,Shake On,Say Uncle,Bow To,
Antonyms Decline,Deny,Differ,Disagree,Disallow,Disapprove,Disarrange,Disorder,Dispute,Dissent,Dissuade,Hinder,Object,Oppose,Refuse,Reject,Resist,Unfit,Veto,Prevent,Protest,Unsuit,

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