Meaning of actuate in English

To move or incite to action.

Synonyms Activate,Animate,Arouse,Cause,Drive,Energize,Excite,Impel,Incite,Induce,Influence,Inspire,Instigate,Mobilize,Motivate,Move,Quicken,Rouse,Spur,Stimulate,Egg On,Prompt,Propel,Fire Up,Turn On,Work Up,Key Up,Put Up To,Work Into Lather,
Antonyms Bore,Calm,Check,Deaden,Delay,Depress,Discourage,Dissuade,Dull,Halt,Hinder,Impede,Lull,Quiet,Repress,Retard,Slow,Stop,Weaken,Prevent,

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Word of the Day

English Word monograph
Meaning A treatise discussing a single subject or branch of a subject.
Synonyms Discourse,Dissertation,Essay,Thesis,Tract,Treatise,
Urdu Meaning ایک ہی مضمون کا بیان