Meaning of acumen in English

Quickness of intellectual insight, or discernment; keenness of discrimination.

Synonyms Acuity,Acuteness,Astuteness,Awareness,Brains,Brilliance,Cleverness,Comprehension,Cunning,Discernment,Discrimination,Farsightedness,Grasp,Guile,Ingenuity,Insight,Intellect,Intelligence,Intuition,Judgment,Keenness,Perception,Percipience,Perspicacity,Perspicuity,Refinement,Sagacity,Sensitivity,Sharpness,Shrewdness,Smartness,Smarts,Understanding,Vision,Wisdom,Wit,Good Taste,
Antonyms Denseness,Ignorance,Inability,Ineptness,Insensitivity,Misinterpretation,Mistake,Misunderstanding,Obtuseness,Stupidity,

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