Meaning of adulterate in English

To make impure by the admixture of other or baser ingredients.

Synonyms Alloy,Amalgamate,Attenuate,Blend,Cheapen,Commingle,Contaminate,Cook,Corrupt,Cut,Defile,Degrade,Denature,Depreciate,Deteriorate,Devalue,Dilute,Dissolve,Doctor,Falsify,Impair,Infiltrate,Intermix,Irrigate,Lace,Mingle,Mix,Plant,Pollute,Shave,Spike,Taint,Thin,Transfuse,Vitiate,Weaken,Phony Up,Water Down,Doctor Up,Make Impure,
Antonyms Aid,Approve,Assist,Clarify,Clean,Cleanse,Concentrate,Distill,Divide,Filter,Free,Help,Honor,Improve,Increase,Raise,Refine,Separate,Strengthen,Thicken,Upgrade,Purify,Unmix,

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