Meaning of adversity in English


Synonyms Affliction,Bummer,Calamity,Catastrophe,Clutch,Contretemps,Crunch,Difficulty,Disaster,Distress,Drag,Hardship,Hurting,Jam,Jinx,Misery,Misfortune,Mishap,Poison,Reverse,Sorrow,Suffering,Trial,Trouble,Pain In The Neck,Evil Eye,Bad Break,Tough Luck,Hard Times,The Worst,Hard Knocks,Kiss Of Death,Ill Fortune,
Antonyms Advantage,Aid,Assistance,Benefit,Blessing,Boon,Comfort,Contentment,Ease,Encouragement,Favor,Fortune,Happiness,Health,Help,Joy,Miracle,Peace,Pleasure,Success,Wonder,Prosperity,Good Fortune,Good Luck,Profit,

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