Meaning of aggrandize in English

To cause to appear greatly.

Synonyms Acclaim,Applaud,Augment,Boost,Commend,Dignify,Distinguish,Enlarge,Ennoble,Expand,Extend,Glorify,Heighten,Hike,Honor,Hype,Increase,Intensify,Jump,Magnify,Multiply,Parlay,Praise,Hike Up,Beef Up,
Antonyms Abridge,Belittle,Censure,Condemn,Condense,Contract,Criticize,Curtail,Debase,Decrease,Degrade,Denounce,Depress,Diminish,Disapprove,Disgrace,Dishonor,Humble,Humiliate,Keep,Lessen,Lower,Reduce,Reproach,Shame,Shorten,Shrink,Weaken,

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