Meaning of aggravation in English

The fact of being made heavier or more heinous, as a crime , offense, misfortune, etc.

Synonyms Affliction,Aggro,Bother,Botheration,Difficulty,Distress,Exasperation,Headache,Irksomeness,Irritation,Pain,Teasing,Vexation,Worry,Provocation,Pain In The Neck,Pet Peeve,
Antonyms Aid,Calmness,Comfort,Ease,Happiness,Health,Help,Pleasure,

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Word of the Day

English Word accustom
Meaning To make familiar by use.
Synonyms Acclimatize,Acculturate,Acquaint,Adapt,Familiarize,Habituate,Season,
Urdu Meaning عادی بنانا