Meaning of alliance in English

Any combination or union for some common purpose.

Synonyms ccord,Affiliation,Affinity,Betrothal,Bond,Coalition,Coherence,Collaboration,Collusion,Combination,Communion,Compact,Concord,Concurrence,Confederacy,Confederation,Congruity,Conjunction,Connection,Consanguinity,Cooperation,Engagement,Entente,Federation,Friendship,Interrelation,Kinship,League,Marriage,Matrimony,Membership,Mutuality,Pact,Participation,Partnership,Relation,Support,Tie,Treaty,Union,Fraternization,
Antonyms Antagonism,Detachment,Disagreement,Disconnection,Discord,Disunion,Disunity,Division,Divorce,Estrangement,Hatred,Hostility,Opposition,Rebellion,Separation,War,

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