Meaning of altercate in English

To contend angrily or zealously in words.

Synonyms Acervulus,Bandy,Battle,Bicker,Buck,Contend,Cross,Disagree,Dispute,Feud,Hammer,Hash,Hassle,Jump,Pettifog,Quarrel,Quibble,Rehash,Row,Squabble,Wrangle,Sass,Lock Horns,Cross Swords,Bump Heads,Have At It,Knock Around,Face Down,Break With,Gang Up On,Face Off,Go One On One,Hammer Away,Have At Each Other,Jump On,Mix It Up,Pick An Argument,Put Up A Fight,Put Up A Struggle,
Antonyms Abstain,Agree,Comply,Concur,Harmonize,Ignore,Overlook,Give In,Make Peace,Keep Quiet,Keep Silent,

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