Meaning of animadvert in English

To pass criticism or censure.

Synonyms Abuse,Admonish,Asperse,Attack,Backbite,Berate,Blame,Castigate,Cavil,Chastise,Chide,Contemn,Denigrate,Denounce,Deprecate,Disapprove,Discipline,Disparage,Impugn,Incriminate,Judge,Knock,Lecture,Ostracize,Rebuff,Rebuke,Remonstrate,Reprehend,Reprimand,Reproach,Reprove,Scold,Upbraid,Cut Up,Tell Off,Carp At,Get After,Look Askance,Pick Apart,Pull Apart,
Antonyms Agree,Allow,Approve,Cherish,Commend,Compliment,Defend,Endorse,Flatter,Forgive,Laud,Permit,Praise,Sanction,Protect,

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