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bitter To answer in the affirmative Acetic acid sorcerer Mental aberration autarchy Social activity A. B. C Agreement of arbitration Wave acoustics Abolition Aeolian Point of purchase advertising thoughtful guileless An act of God Affecting cholera Abessinal case headquarters mantel monogram heretic Beef expanse chasm centiliter Aerial convention classify nylon inscrutable columnist irresponsible expository Abdominus frolic banal toad gallant caricature Agamete callosity Acquist Agathokakological manufacture photograph Aconitine Actual frequency Adeniform sheer Admixture fragile decagon compensation henpeck corruption demonstrate Psychology of aesthetics Academic robe Afflictive intrinsic microscopic Absidiol Axis of Abscissa complex Aclinic indiscriminate luminary tweezers floe ecstasy lacteal denude decapitate Chromatic accent Exporting agent abaddon Addibility Abraham-man / Abram-man concurrent presumptuous mead arbitrate malignant luxuriate donate depreciate effete inland Abatsons isle Adverse selection Afshar dissolve missile Adherer gait Adders-grass mountaineer beneficiary misuse licence Affiliation Acrobat Admiral of the fleet monopoly Abstraction monger audition exercise apposite geniality differentiate Dioptric aberration Affective state contraposition demolish trespasser Acoustic feature epidermis Actine Aglet babie docket Hibernian On account merchandising assurance bungle Adenoids Accuracy test diversion infest infringe Aesthetic morality Unexcused absence Drawings account Special acceptance Primary accent knock cynicism consumption decomposition Affine intersect Aberration of light Aerohydropathy fantasy Affixing language abomination Agminate authentic Adventure Poor adjustment Agraphic Agamogynomonoecism handwriting magnify jurisdiction disillusion circumnavigate After-wit reflection Accolade likelihood enact archaism brow Ague academic Abductor emigrate ignorance Absurdum Agamically intellect judgement Acetize bibliomania acrimony After-reckoning Accidentalism invariable wristwatch Adrip characteristic utensil Auctioneering agent loquacious Accessory pancreatic duct Agent-general gentleman dastard quantity Adrenal gland Adjustment account hypothesis Advance discounting for mortality intrude Ahind/Ahint mentality mordacious

Word of the Day

English Word freak
Meaning very strange or abnormal
Urdu Meaning لہر، پریشان خیالی