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Ad infinitum coincidence Adjustment model conflagration alley Medical adviser Acanthopodous Abrasive decade heterogeneous Acervulus cerebri Acts convince Aesthetic sense Secondary Stress accent inseparable Abusively Affronte/Affrontee broadcast Adjacent angle Acholuria effeminate Accident frequency Agents of production comprise Actiniform nephew Aggregated shipment Abstract duty Advance discount for severence Acceleration of planet insistent Outdoor advertising habitable crustaceous flounder After-hours abscission messieurs pl wilderness mislay Acquisition cost alienation Agatize Administrative board To open or close an account with one / To render or send in an account magnificent account benign Agronomical/Agronomial epilogue frontier athwart innovate Acridine creed maleficent accompany Inseparable accident barite accursed disadvantage cognizant melody deponent Agonistic coast darkling indigestion colloquy Activated metaphor concur Age distribution convex hydrostatics mobilise luminary Acrotic vanquish bulletin metaphysics knock cavity demonstrable desultory Agrammatism friendly Aggrandizement accomplish Affectibility hooligan appendix homogeneity Insurance account Acclimatize Milky Way inundate Accuse Deficiency account foreigner accession Agrarian socialism hoarse baffle Adventitiousness Liquidation account scheme metonymy comparison insuperable corruption cucumber furbish Absentee rate Aigrette differentia Pronominal adverb Acquaintanceship Acoasma defalcate Ageless Acetabular Accommodative needle Admission requirements apex Acherontic Addle-brain Admonishingly tangerine modify blemish fever clover dowry Accident and sickness benefit Acroamatic misnomer metaphysics man-trap blithe Acrodont Basket generality felicity Parttime agent deviltry yacht curtail minority Acoumeter abominable Agriculturist/Agriculturalist mercenary Agricultural industries knack irrational Affricated dilemma Superior adult Attendance-Register faun benefactor annihilate futile To haul the tacks aboard asthma compute animalcule mallet Sledgehammer depository Accelerating Chamber abusive Aeolian deposits consonant emergence Aerobatics illuminate fuse adventurous Aestheticize Horned adder Able seaman gaseous oblique Agasp responsible disburse fretful Acca dishabille inveigh monograph Agricultural unemployment differentiate Abranchiate Ad-man ineligible

Word of the Day

English Word Physical ability
Urdu Meaning جسمانی قابلیت