Meaning of antipathize in English

To show or feel a feeling of antagonism, aversion, or dislike.

Synonyms Abhor,Abominate,Avoid,Condemn,Contemn,Deplore,Despise,Detest,Disapprove,Disesteem,Disfavor,Disrelish,Eschew,Execrate,Loathe,Mind,Regret,Resent,Scorn,Shun,Be Allergic To,Look Down On,Have Hard Feelings,Not Care For,Be Averse To,Be Turned Off To,Bear Malice Toward,Grossed Out On,Have No Stomach For,Have No Taste For,Lose Interest In,Make Faces At,Not Appreciate,Not Endure,Not Feel Like,Not Take Kindly To,Shudder At,
Antonyms Admire,Adore,Approve,Cherish,Face,Like,Love,Meet,Be Happy,

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