Meaning of anxious in English

Distressed in mind respecting some uncertain matter.

Synonyms Afraid,Aghast,Apprehensive,Bugged,Butterflies,Careful,Choked,Clutched,Concerned,Disquieted,Distressed,Disturbed,Dreading,Fearful,Fidgety,Fretful,Hacked,Hyper,Jittery,Jumpy,Nervous,Nervy,Overwrought,Restless,Scared,Shaking,Shaky,Shivery,Solicitous,Taut,Troubled,Uneasy,Unquiet,Watchful,Wired,Wreck,In A State,Basket Case,In A Tizzy,In Suspense,
Antonyms Assured,Bold,Brave,Calm,Collected,Composed,Confident,Content,Cool,Courageous,Happy,Inattentive,Indifferent,Peaceful,Quiet,Unafraid,Unconcerned,Unwilling,Unworried,Unfearful,

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