Meaning of appease in English

To soothe by quieting anger or indignation.

Synonyms Allay,Alleviate,Assuage,Blunt,Calm,Compose,Conciliate,Content,Diminish,Do,Ease,Gratify,Lessen,Lull,Mitigate,Mollify,Placate,Quell,Quench,Quiet,Serve,Soften,Soothe,Subdue,Sweeten,Tranquilize,Propitiate,Meet Halfway,Patch Things Up,Be Enough,Make Matters Up,
Antonyms Aggravate,Agitate,Anger,Annoy,Arouse,Destroy,Displease,Disturb,Excite,Incite,Increase,Intensify,Irritate,Start,Tease,Trouble,Upset,Worry,Worsen,Provoke,

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