Meaning of apposition in English

The act of placing side by side, together, or in contact.

Synonyms Accord,Agreement,Appropriateness,Aptness,Coherence,Cohesion,Compatibility,Concord,Concurrence,Congruity,Consonance,Correspondence,Evenness,Fitness,Harmony,Homogeneity,Invariability,Likeness,Similarity,Stability,Steadfastness,Steadiness,Suitability,Symmetry,Uniformity,Union,Unity,Proportion,Conformability,
Antonyms Difference,Disagreement,Discord,Disproportion,Dissimilarity,Fighting,Imbalance,Incongruity,Inconsistency,Inconstancy,Irregularity,Opposition,Unevenness,Unlikeness,Variation,Erraticism,

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