Meaning of appreciable in English

Capable of being discerned by the senses or intellect.

Synonyms Apparent,Ascertainable,Definite,Detectable,Discernible,Distinguishable,Estimable,Evident,Goodly,Healthy,Large,Manifest,Marked,Material,Measurable,Noticeable,Observable,Obvious,Perceivable,Perceptible,Plain,Recognizable,Sensible,Significant,Sizable,Substantial,Tangible,Visible,Pronounced,
Antonyms Ambiguous,Imperceptible,Inconsiderable,Indistinct,Insignificant,Invisible,Little,Minor,Negligible,Obscure,Small,Unimportant,Unnoticeable,Unnoticed,Unrecognizable,Vague,

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