Meaning of apprehensible in English

Capable of being conceived.

Synonyms Audible,Coherent,Comprehensible,Conspicuous,Crystal,Definite,Distinct,Evident,Explicit,Express,Graspable,Incontrovertible,Intelligible,Knowable,Legible,Lucent,Lucid,Manifest,Obvious,Palpable,Patent,Perceptible,Perspicuous,Plain,Precise,Readable,Recognizable,Sharp,Simple,Straightforward,Transparent,Unambiguous,Uncomplicated,Unequivocal,Unmistakable,Unquestionable,Pronounced,Transpicuous,Loud Enough,Spelled Out,
Antonyms Ambiguous,Blocked,Clogged,Closed,Clouded,Cloudy,Complicated,Concealed,Congested,Culpable,Dark,Difficult,Dim,Dull,Equivocal,Foggy,Fuzzy,Gloomy,Guilty,Hidden,Hindered,Imprecise,Indefinite,Indistinct,Inexact,Mistakable,Mysterious,Obscure,Obscured,Questionable,Responsible,Shadowy,Smudged,Uncertain,Unclear,Undefined,Unintelligible,Unsure,Vague,

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