Meaning of arboriculture in English

The cultivation of trees or shrubs.

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Word of the Day

English Word haggard
Meaning Worn and gaunt in appearance.
Synonyms Ashen,Careworn,Drawn,Emaciated,Exhausted,Faded,Fatigued,Fretted,Gaunt,Ghastly,Lank,Lean,Pale,Pallid,Pinched,Scraggy,Scrawny,Shrunken,Skinny,Spare,Starved,Thin,Tired,Wan,Wasted,Weak,Wearied,Wrinkled,Fagged,
Antonyms Colorful,Fat,Fresh,Healthy,Hearty,Plump,Strong,Thick,Unworn,
Urdu Meaning منہ زور