Meaning of ardent in English

Burning with passion.

Synonyms Agog,Avid,Blazing,Burning,Desirous,Eager,Fervent,Fervid,Fierce,Fiery,Horny,Hot,Hungry,Impassioned,Intense,Keen,Lusty,Passionate,Spirited,Thirsty,Vehement,Warm,Zealous,
Antonyms Apathetic,Calm,Cold,Cool,Disloyal,Dispassionate,Dull,Frigid,Indifferent,Lukewarm,Unenthusiastic,Unexcited,

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Word of the Day

English Word loch
Meaning A lake.
Synonyms Anchorage,Arm,Basin,Bayou,Bight,Cove,Estuary,Fiord,Firth,Gulf,Harbor,Inlet,Lagoon,Mouth,Narrows,Sound,Strait,
Urdu Meaning جھیل