Meaning of arrogant in English

Unduly or excessively proud, as of wealth, station, learning, etc.

Synonyms Aloof,Assuming,Audacious,Autocratic,Biggety,Bossy,Cavalier,Cheeky,Cocky,Conceited,Contemptuous,Cool,Disdainful,Domineering,Haughty,Imperious,Insolent,Lordly,Overbearing,Peremptory,Pompous,Scornful,Smarty,Smug,Snippy,Snooty,Snotty,Supercilious,Superior,Uppity,Vain,Proud,Pretentious,High And Mighty,Presumptuous,
Antonyms Humble,Meek,Modest,Servile,Shy,Timid,Unsure,

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