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Parallelogram acceleration Agentive nominal sanctity foresee equivalent burial donor interdict Adatis gaily deficiency wilderness Affective verb jocular Adicity Abound fumigate Analogy cohere Clean advance Adaptation theory Aerial perspective mechanic Aeriality foresail academic malevolent catholicity Advance premium cartoons Ahaaina accompaniment binoculars Adstipulation Acondylous intellectual fable ambassador access enshrine debonair Acknowledgeable Agglomerating language deficiency Acajou Sales ledger control account Madonna incendiary dowry Aggressive mob wasp insolence apology bulletin arraign To open or close an account with one / To render or send in an account battalion enrol aboveboard parade Aerarian indolence disavow Absidiol effete Agonic line Affloof Abatement Augustinian Time and again Absentee rate Affecter/-or Admonisher Abortion Aceldama Accumulative extravagant impudence Agriology Partner's fixed capital accounts Accoucheuse After-reckoning lyre extension Acipenser insufficiency irate horoscope Aesthetic sense theory intensive Adpressed On one's own account Acoustical Adam afoot mountaineering School adjustment arid funeral dramatise Chemical affinity busy favouritism aver After one's own heart acorus Adducent guzzle After-course observe Acerate beverage contradiction Agitato Abeam manoeuvre diagnose objectionable malaria Accounts receivable ledger Agriculturalist Action research discredit appoint Aeroneurosis airport hypotenuse Attributive adjective hypodermic disrupt Acerose rapture arboreal hydroelectric Aberrant Teenage intestacy Accession rate Motor activity dialect Aggressing carouse Acetification Administering power Adeniform authority Absorbing state Assistant Agent General Ahoy Social acquisitiveness literacy Abrasion of coins repulsive azure luxuriance Ace point serpent disown egotist preoccupied majestic pledge chastise advent Afore-hand Adjustment of particular average Academician Acknowledgement Ability to pay discord evoke lunatic indestructible momentary To set afoot Abysmally Abd-cantesis scene grotesque intracellular Acclimate Need for affection Acquitted reciprocate hexapod Bitch Inseparable accident Adminicle gallant Agora redundant effuse forecastle Longitudinal aberration Administratively Accessory licence lave invalidate pillowcase Abolitionist movement

Word of the Day

English Word freak
Meaning very strange or abnormal
Urdu Meaning لہر، پریشان خیالی