Meaning of assonant in English

Having resemblance of sound.

Synonyms Accordant,Agreeable,Canorous,Clear,Concordant,Dulcet,Euphonious,Harmonic,Mellifluous,Mellow,Pleasing,Resonant,Silvery,Soft,Songful,Sweet,Symphonic,Symphonious,Tuned,Tuneful,In Tune,Euphonic,
Antonyms Cacophonous,Discordant,Grating,Harsh,Inharmonious,Unmusical,

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Word of the Day

English Word actuality
Meaning Any reality.
Synonyms Achievement,Actualization,Attainment,Fact,Materiality,Materialization,Reality,Substance,Substantiality,Truth,Brass Tacks,Real World,Straight Stuff,What It Is,
Antonyms Failure,Forfeit,Lie,
Urdu Meaning اصلیت