Meaning of austere in English

Severely simple; unadorned.

Synonyms Ascetic,Astringent,Cold,Earnest,Exacting,Forbidding,Formal,Grave,Grim,Hard,Harsh,Inexorable,Inflexible,Obdurate,Rigid,Rigorous,Serious,Sober,Solemn,Somber,Stern,Stiff,Strict,Stringent,Unfeeling,Unrelenting,
Antonyms Bland,Calm,Elaborate,Encouraging,Extravagant,Flexible,Gentle,Indulgent,Luxurious,Meek,Mild,Spending,

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Word of the Day

English Word consternation
Meaning Panic.
Synonyms Alarm,Amazement,Anxiety,Awe,Bewilderment,Confusion,Distraction,Dread,Fear,Fright,Horror,Muddle,Panic,Perplexity,Shock,Stupefaction,Terror,Trepidation,Wonder,Muddlement,
Antonyms Assurance,Beauty,Calm,Calmness,Composure,Confidence,Contentment,Coolness,Expectation,Happiness,Peace,Peacefulness,Security,Tranquility,
Urdu Meaning حیرت