Meaning of braze in English

To make of or ornament with brass.

Synonyms Attach,Bind,Bond,Catch,Cement,Clasp,Cleave,Cling,Clog,Cohere,Fasten,Fix,Fuse,Glue,Hold,Hug,Jam,Join,Linger,Lodge,Paste,Persist,Remain,Snag,Solder,Stay,Unite,Weld,Hold Fast,Stick Together,Hold On,Be Bogged Down,Become Embedded,Become Immobilized,Cling Like Ivy,Freeze To,Stay Put,Stick Like Barnacle,
Antonyms Detach,Disconnect,Disobey,Displace,Divide,Forget,Free,Go,Halt,Leave,Loose,Loosen,Open,Refuse,Release,Remove,Separate,Stop,Unfasten,Unfix,Let Go,Unstick,

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