Meaning of butte in English

A conspicuous hill, low mountain, or natural turret, generally isolated.

Synonyms Acclivity,Ascent,Bluff,Cliff,Climb,Down,Drift,Dune,Elevation,Eminence,Esker,Fell,Gradient,Headland,Heap,Height,Highland,Hillock,Hillside,Hilltop,Hummock,Inclination,Incline,Knoll,Mesa,Mound,Mount,Precipice,Range,Ridge,Rise,Shock,Slope,Stack,Summit,Talus,Tor,Upland,Protuberance,Prominence,Promontory,Rising Ground,
Antonyms Bottom,Canyon,Decline,Depression,Ditch,Gulley,Lowness,Nadir,Unimportance,

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