Meaning of cajole in English

To impose on or dupe by flattering speech.

Synonyms Acetates,Banter,Beguile,Blandish,Bootlick,Con,Crowd,Deceive,Decoy,Delude,Dupe,Entice,Entrap,Induce,Influence,Inveigle,Jolly,Lure,Maneuver,Massage,Mislead,Oil,Seduce,Snow,Soap,Soften,Stroke,Tantalize,Tempt,Urge,Wheedle,Build Up,Push,Get Around,Butter Up,Get Next To,Apple Polish,Hand A Line,
Antonyms Bully,Discourage,Disenchant,Disgust,Dissuade,Force,Repel,Repulse,Turn Off,

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