Meaning of castigate in English

To punish.

Synonyms Acrostical,Baste,Beat,Berate,Blister,Cane,Censure,Chasten,Chastise,Correct,Criticize,Discipline,Drub,Excoriate,Flay,Flog,Lambaste,Lash,Penalize,Rail,Rate,Ream,Rebuke,Reprimand,Scarify,Scathe,Scold,Scorch,Scourge,Thrash,Upbraid,Whip,Punish,Pummel,Dress Down,Lay Out,Come Down On,Bawl Out,Chew Out,
Antonyms Aid,Approve,Assist,Compliment,Exonerate,Flatter,Forgive,Guard,Help,Laud,Lose,Praise,Reward,Surrender,Protect,

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