Meaning of causal in English

Indicating or expressing a cause.

Synonyms Causative,Conceiving,Creative,Demiurgic,Devising,Envisioning,Fertile,Formative,Generative,Imaginative,Ingenious,Innovational,Innovative,Innovatory,Inspiring,Inventive,Novel,Originative,Quick,Ready,Resourceful,Seminal,Sensitive,Unconventional,Unprecedented,Untried,Unusual,Productive,Breaking New Ground,
Antonyms Borrowed,Derivative,Hackneyed,Latest,Normal,Old,Slow,Standard,Uncreative,Uneducated,Unimaginative,Used,Usual,Worn,Newest,Uninventive,

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Word of the Day

English Word actuality
Meaning Any reality.
Synonyms Achievement,Actualization,Attainment,Fact,Materiality,Materialization,Reality,Substance,Substantiality,Truth,Brass Tacks,Real World,Straight Stuff,What It Is,
Antonyms Failure,Forfeit,Lie,
Urdu Meaning اصلیت