Meaning of choral in English

Pertaining to, intended for, or performed by a chorus or choir.

Synonyms Alleluia,Aria,Canticle,Carol,Chant,Chorale,Descant,Ditty,Evensong,Hallelujah,Hosanna,Laud,Lay,Lied,Ode,Oratorio,Paean,Shout,Psalm,Song Of Praise,Worship Song,
Antonyms Cacophonous,Discordant,Dissonant,Inharmonious,Unmusical,

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Word of the Day

English Word foppish
Meaning Characteristic of one who is unduly devoted to dress and the niceties of manners.
Synonyms Dandified,Fashionable,Natty,Vain,
Urdu Meaning خود نما