Meaning of classify in English

To arrange in a class or classes on the basis of observed resemblance; and differences.

Synonyms Allocate,Allot,Analyze,Arrange,Assort,Brand,Catalogue,Class,Codify,Collocate,Coordinate,Correlate,Dispose,Distinguish,Distribute,Divide,Docket,Embody,File,Grade,Group,Incorporate,Index,Label,Match,Name,Number,Organize,Peg,Pigeonhole,Range,Rank,Rate,Regiment,Segregate,Size,Sort,Tabulate,Tag,Ticket,Type,Systematize,Alphabetize,
Antonyms Collect,Combine,Disallow,Disarrange,Disintegrate,Disorder,Disorganize,Estimate,Exclude,Gather,Guess,Hold,Join,Keep,Maintain,Scatter,Unite,Mix Up,

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