Meaning of clumsy in English

Awkward of movement.

Synonyms Acclaiming,Blundering,Bulky,Bumbling,Bungling,Clownish,Crude,Elephantine,Gauche,Gawkish,Gawky,Graceless,Heavy,Helpless,Hulking,Incompetent,Inelegant,Inept,Inexperienced,Inexpert,Lubberly,Lumbering,Lumpish,Maladroit,Oafish,Ponderous,Unable,Uncoordinated,Uncouth,Uneasy,Ungainly,Unskillful,Untactful,Untoward,Unwieldy,Weedy,Blunderous,
Antonyms Adroit,Agile,Athletic,Clever,Coordinated,Couth,Dexterous,Expert,Graceful,

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