Meaning of commotion in English

A disturbance or violent agitation.

Synonyms Accredition,Ado,Agitation,Annoyance,Backwash,Ballyhoo,Bedlam,Brouhaha,Bustle,Clatter,Combustion,Confusion,Convulsion,Discomposure,Disquiet,Excitement,Ferment,Flap,Flurry,Furor,Fuss,Hubbub,Insurgence,Insurrection,Lather,Mutiny,Outcry,Pandemonium,Perturbation,Pother,Racket,Rebellion,Revolt,Riot,Stew,Stir,Tumult,Turbulence,Upheaval,Uprising,Upturn,Welter,Whirl,
Antonyms Calm,Calmness,Ease,Happiness,Harmony,Obedience,Order,Peace,Pleasure,Quiet,Quietude,Repose,Silence,Stillness,Tranquility,

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