Meaning of complicate in English

To make complex, difficult, or hard to deal with.

Synonyms Bedevil,Clog,Combine,Confound,Convolute,Derange,Disarrange,Disorder,Elaborate,Embroil,Entangle,Fold,Handicap,Impede,Infold,Interfuse,Interrelate,Interweave,Involve,Jumble,Muddle,Multiply,Obscure,Perplex,Ravel,Snafu,Snag,Tangle,Twist,Upset,Mix Up,Screw Up,Make Waves,Snarl Up,Add Fuel To Fire,Make Intricate,Open Can Of Worms,Render Unintelligible,
Antonyms Arrange,Clarify,Disentangle,Divide,Ease,Enlighten,Exclude,Explain,Facilitate,Free,Order,Straighten,Untangle,Untwist,Clear Up,Make Simple,

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