Meaning of composure in English


Synonyms Abb,Accord,Aplomb,Assurance,Balance,Calm,Contentment,Control,Cool,Coolness,Dignity,Dispassion,Ease,Equanimity,Equilibrium,Evenness,Fortitude,Harmony,Imperturbability,Moderation,Nonchalance,Placidity,Poise,Polish,Quiet,Quietude,Repose,Sedateness,Serenity,Sobriety,Stability,Tranquility,Peace Of Mind,Presence Of Mind,Cool Head,
Antonyms Agitation,Arousal,Disagreement,Discomposure,Disproportion,Disturbance,Excitement,Imbalance,Instability,Loudness,Noise,Turbulence,Upset,Violence,Wildness,

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