Meaning of comprehensive in English

Large in scope or content.

Synonyms Absolute,Blanket,Broad,Catholic,Compendious,Complete,Comprising,Containing,Discursive,Encircling,Encyclopedic,Exhaustive,Expansive,Extensive,Full,General,Global,Infinite,Overall,Sweeping,Synoptic,Thorough,Umbrella,Whole,Wide,Widespread,The Works,Across The Board,In Depth,Of Great Scope,The Big Picture,The Whole Shebang,
Antonyms Circumscribed,Definite,Empty,Exclusive,Imperfect,Incomplete,Limited,Narrow,Needy,Partial,Particular,Restricted,Selective,Short,Specific,Unfinished,Uncomprehensive,Incomprehensive,

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