Meaning of condescend in English

To come down voluntarily to equal terms with inferiors.

Synonyms Accommodate,Accord,Acquiesce,Agree,Bend,Comply,Concede,Deign,Descend,Favor,Grant,Oblige,Submit,Unbend,Vouchsafe,Yield,Be Courteous,Come Down Off High Horse,Degrade Oneself,Demean Oneself,High Hat,Lower Oneself,See Fit,Talk Down To,Toss A Few Crumbs,
Antonyms Contradict,Decline,Deny,Disagree,Disallow,Disapprove,Disobey,Dispute,Dissent,Fight,Hinder,Oppose,Refuse,Reject,Resist,Veto,Withhold,Prevent,Protest,Rise Above,

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