Meaning of constellation in English

An arbitrary assemblage or group of stars.

Synonyms Afterlife,Break,Breaks,Certainty,Circumstance,Conclusion,Condition,Cup,Design,Doom,Expectation,Finality,Foreordination,Fortune,Future,Happenstance,Hereafter,Horoscope,Inevitability,Intent,Intention,Karma,Kismet,Lot,Luck,Objective,Ordinance,Portion,Predestination,Predetermination,Serendipity,World To Come,Prospect,Way The Ball Bounces,Way The Cookie Crumbles,Wheel Of Fortune,Course Of Events,Divine Decree,The Stars,What Is Written,
Antonyms Choice,Concept,Continuity,Misfortune,Theory,Volition,Whole,Free Will,

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Word of the Day

English Word metaphysician
Meaning One skilled in metaphysics.
Urdu Meaning عالم ال?ہیات