Meaning of contingency in English

Possibility of happening.

Synonyms Accident,Break,Chance,Crisis,Crossroads,Emergency,Event,Eventuality,Exigency,Fortuity,Happening,Incident,Juncture,Likelihood,Occasion,Odds,Opportunity,Pass,Pinch,Predicament,Strait,Uncertainty,Turning Point,Zero Hour,Probability,
Antonyms Advantage,Certainty,Definiteness,Improbability,Misfortune,Plan,Reality,Solution,Surety,Truth,Unlikelihood,Good Fortune,Bad Luck,

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Word of the Day

English Word accustom
Meaning To make familiar by use.
Synonyms Acclimatize,Acculturate,Acquaint,Adapt,Familiarize,Habituate,Season,
Urdu Meaning عادی بنانا