Meaning of contuse in English

To bruise by a blow, either with or without the breaking of the skin.

Synonyms Assault,Bash,Beat,Break,Bruise,Buffet,Clobber,Cripple,Crush,Dash,Deface,Demolish,Destroy,Disable,Disfigure,Drub,Hurt,Injure,Lacerate,Lambaste,Lame,Lash,Mangle,Mar,Maul,Mutilate,Pelt,Pommel,Pound,Ruin,Shatter,Smash,Thrash,Wallop,Wreck,Punish,Pummel,
Antonyms Adorn,Aid,Assist,Beautify,Build,Compliment,Construct,Create,Cure,Decorate,Encourage,Fail,Fix,Heal,Help,Lose,Mend,Ornament,Praise,Repair,Restore,Surrender,Let Go,Protect,

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